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Does Towing a Car Add Mileage? | Central Recovery | Macon Tow Company

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Have you ever wonder if having your vehicle towed affect its mileage?

Let's explore how towing influences your odometer reading with Central Recovery Service Inc.

Understanding Towing at Central Recovery Service Inc.

When your vehicle require towing, we utilize specialized equipment to lift it onto a tow truck or flatbed. Throughout this process, your wheels remains elevated and do not make contact with the ground. Consequently, your odometer, which record mileage based on wheel rotations, remains unaffected because the wheels remain stationary during the tow.

Why Towing Doesn't Increase Mileage

The primary reason towing does not impact mileage is straightforward: your vehicle is not drove. Without wheel movement or distance covered under its own power, there is no change to the odometer reading. Even if your vehicle is towed over an extended distance, the odometer will not register additional mileage since the wheels are not in motion.

While towing does not add mileage, it is important to consider its potential impact on various components of your vehicle. Improper towing can place stresses on critical parts such as the suspension and transmission. Following a tow, it advisable to inspect your vehicle for signs of damages or issues to ensure optimal functionality.

Having your vehicle towed by Central Recovery Service Inc. will not affect your odometer reading. The odometer measure distance based on wheel rotations, which do not occur during towing. If you require towing services, rely on Central Recovery Service Inc. for expert and damage-free operations.

Our experienced team handles your vehicle with care and guarantees safe transportation to your desired location. Contact us today for dependable towing services tailored to your requirements

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